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Dedicated Draught Monitoring System for all Vessel Types

Based on our established and Type Approved VPM Display and Connect Software Platform, we have introduced a dedicated and accurate self-contained system to provide monitoring and indication of Vessel Draught at two or four points, as well as real-time Vessel Trim and Heel indication. The new Dedicated Draught Monitoring System includes a clear graphical presentation on the integral 7” colour touchscreen, which comes with a choice of day / night display modes.

Inputs are from our APT1000 transmitters, which are positioned on the hull at Forward, Aft, and Midships locations. Serial communication between the transmitters and display unit is via a single 4 core multidrop network which minimises cabling requirements, or for retrofit installations the transmitters can be operated as 2 wire 4-20mA units allowing existing cabling to be used.

The system is fully versatile and can be used on any vessel type. It includes all compensation factors necessary to relay the installed location of the transmitters to the hulls draught markings, so that the screen presentation is in agreement with observed draughts at the marks. Trim and heel values are also calculated from the draught sensor signals and can be displayed as required.

The new system comes with a host of benefits, including improved safety and stability as accurate draught, trim and heel information is key to safe operation and enhanced operational efficiency.

Recent installations of our Dedicated Draught Monitoring System include two systems supplied to Shannon Ferries for their RoRo Vessels, where we were able to make use of all existing cabling and pre-configure the system with all parameters making for a straightforward installation and system commissioning, which the Vessel owners were able to complete with no additional costs.




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