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BLS9200 Flood Detection System

Connect FD Series – A Dedicated Flood Detection System

The flood detection system is developed from PSM’s Connect family of data acquisition and display systems, The FD system provide a Type Approved dedicated flood detection and display solution. The system is scalable for vessels of all types, with signal marshalling and acquisition modules and display points being distributed as needed.

Flood Detection Sensors

PSM’s BLS9200 detection switches are installed at all locations where water ingress is to be monitored. The BLS9200 is an all stainless steel float switch having an internal reed switch which is activated by a magnet within the switch float. When used as part of the PSM flood detection system, the BLS9200 is fitted with internal resistors on the normally open and normally closed lines. A variable current can be measured depending on the switch state. Additionally, cable fault detection for short-circuit or open circuit can be detected and displayed. The BLS9200 also has an integral test handle to simulate an active alarm.

Status signals from BLS9200 flood detection switches are routed via signal conditioning modules. These then connect to the Display via an RS485 serial connection. Depending on optimum cable routing on a particular installation, these signal conditioning modules may be included together with the display in a wall mount enclosure. Alternatively, they may be mounted in separate marshalling enclosure(s). These accept all input switch signals and then communicates to the display enclosure via a single 4 core cable.


The central wall or console mounted display includes a full colour TFT touchscreen which is individually configured to suit the application. Clear indication of status, Clear, Alarm, Cable Break, Cable Short, is given for each input. Alarms may be acknowledged via the screen.

Display Outputs

The display may be fitted with a relay output card which provides four independent changeover contacts. These provide an alarm output for Clear, Alarm, Cable Break, Cable Short conditions on any of the monitored signals.

A second RS485 communications port allows connection to the Vessels central Alarm Monitoring / Platform Management System. The central system may interrogate the display for a full report on status using Modbus RTU protocol.

Additional Displays

Two displays may be interconnected via a single direct Ethernet connection. Each VPM shares the status of all connected inputs i.e. clear / active / unacknowledged / acknowledged. This means that both can display status of all monitored points. Acknowledgement of an alarm is only possible from the VPM to which the input signal is directly connected. This ensures that alarms cannot be remotely acknowledged and potentially missed. Further VPM displays (up to 6) may be added by the inclusion of a simple Ethernet switch, again with all sharing data for a complete overview of all alarm points.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all Vessel Types
  • Dedicated system for water ingress detection in bilges and void spaces
  • Type Approved
  • Clear visual indication of status via integral 7″ Touchscreen
  • Cable fault / break detection
  • Repeater displays may be added
  • Space efficient display suitable for console or wall mounting
  • Serial data output to Vessel Platform Management System
  • Detection switches have integral test mechanism

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