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Trim & Heel Display System

Connect TH Series – a dedicated Trim and Heel monitoring System

The Scanjet PSM Connect -TH system is based upon PSM’s established Connect vessel monitoring system and configured specifically for the monitoring and display of vessel trim, heel and optionally, draught at 2 or 4 points. Comprising a central display with a 7″ touchscreen, and a single remote wall mount enclosure with dual inclinometers to measure trim and heel angles, the system is supplied pre­configured with all parameters relevant to the intended application.

Installation is simple, the display can be located as required in the bridge / control room requiring only a single 24V DC supply, and the inclinometer enclosure on a suitable vertical bulkhead, with a single 4 core interconnecting cable.

Display of both instantaneous and averaged Trim and Heel values are provided in user required units. The averaging period and preference of whether trim by stern is positive or negative, and heel to port is positive or negative can all be set by the operator. Repeater displays can be added as required and are connected to the primary display via a dedicated Ethernet link.

The system includes correction parameters to allow the installer to correct for the “as fitted” position of the inclinometer panel to ensure true zero at even keel conditions. In operation the user can switch between dark and light display modes for night / day operation and the averaging period can be adjusted to optimise stability of reading for the averaged values of Trim and Heel.

A further RS485 port on the primary display allows connection to the vessels central AMS / Platform Management System. The exchange protocol is standard Modbus RTU where the AMS/PMS is Modbus master and the PSM system is Slave.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all Vessel Types
  • Purpose designed data acquisition and display system offering a choice of Trim and Heel only or Trim, Heel, and Draught, to 2 or 4 points
  • Screen layout is designed for maximum clarity of information
  • Light & Dark mode (Day/ Night) display
  • Instantaneous/ averaged values
  • Repeater display options
  • Space efficient display suitable for console or wall mounting
  • Serial data output to Vessel Platform Management System
  • Simple low cost installation

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