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Scanjet PSM’s marine tank monitoring products and systems are accurate, robust and reliable – enabling your vessels to operate efficiently and comply with safety and environmental regulations.

A full range of transmitters, gauges, switches and display systems

For unrivalled marine tank level monitoring systems, Scanjet PSM solutions are designed and constructed to meet all applications, across all types and size of vessel.

From a single switch to complete systems, our type approved and quality certified range of transmitters, gauges and switches are compatible with fuel oil, lubricants, hydraulic fluid, bilge and ballast water, and all liquid cargoes.

Take a look for yourself

To view our entire range of marine tank gauging systems, take a look at the diagram below which shows typical applications where monitoring and gauging will be needed. Click on one of the hotspots for a description of that application and the PSM product solutions.

You can also download our Marine Tank Gauging flyer to see how PSM can solve your application problems.



A range of centralised and distributed display options providing indication, alarm and control of all tanks. Repeater displays provide function critical information at additional locations.

See VPM systems here

Ship's trim and list measurement

A pair of solid state, inclinometers installed 90° with respect to each other, measure bow, stern and port, starboard angles

More info here

Local visual indication of tank level

KD level gauges with flat or reflex glass provide a direct view of the level inside lubricating oil or boiler water feed tanks


Overfill protection for waste water / oil storage

KD 30 level switch used to detect a high level condition in bilge and service tanks

See KD 30

Day tank fuel oil measurement in engine room

Self-powered HCG contents gauge provides a local continuous indication of tank level with a KD 12 level switch used to detect a low level condition

See KD 12

Bunker fuel oil measurement in engine room

APT500 or APT1000 level transmitter with flange mount installed at the base of the tank via an isolating valve as isolation from potential high temperatures

See APT500
See APT1000

Scanrad - cargo tank level & volume measurement

An advanced FMCW radar sensor providing high performance with low maintenance needs. Compact design with no intrusive sensor dome ensures simplicity of installation.

Scanrad product information

Level detection in bilges and void spaces

BLS 9200 bilge switches detect the rising level of water or oily waste as part of a pump control or flood detection safety system

See BLS 9200
See BilgeSafe

Cargo tank overpressure and vacuum measurement

APT500 or APT1000 with a direct pressure calibration measures the cargo tank inert gas blanket directly or in the vent manifold

See APT500
See APT1000
See VentSafe

Wing ballast tank measurement

Wing ballast tank measurement APT500 or APT1000 level transmitters are installed at the bottom of a stilling tube with cable exit via a deck penetration flange

See APT500
See APT1000

Double-bottom ballast tank measurement

APT500 or APT1000 level transmitters are installed using a clamp mount with cable exit via a liquid-tight bulkhead penetration

See APT500
See APT1000

Ship's draught measurement

APT500 or APT1000 level transmitter installed inside a vented draught tube is used to measure the ship’s depth in the water

See APT500
See APT1000


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