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Enhanced Digital Wind Platform Monitoring with PSM ‘Connect’ System

Offshore and floating wind platforms are becoming increasingly more popular as a viable renewable energy resource and PSM has been leading the way in developing reliable monitoring and control systems, that can optimise platform stability and monitor performance of these platforms.

Our new ‘Connect’ system has enabled us to enhance our platform monitoring even further with digital technology that delivers fully dynamic monitoring. ‘Connect’ is built around a central processing module, that interfaces directly with the company’s intelligent digital sensors, via a multidrop network and receives other input signals via a range of interface cards.

The ‘Connect’ system ensures continuous, accurate monitoring of ballast and service tank levels and multiple point draught measurements, whilst also monitoring wave height, temperature and pressure. Multiple display points are connected via a single ethernet link, presenting information according to the application or operational area and are available to be read by the platform’s management system at any time. Internet connectivity additionally allows remote updating and configuration.

The benefits of accurate monitoring ensure efficient and safe operation and optimum platform stability to help secure a bright future for offshore and floating wind farms as a major renewable energy alternative.



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