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Scanjet PSM Inspired Factory Restoration after Devastating Flooding

In the face of adversity, human resilience shines through, and businesses are no exception. Natural disasters can wreak havoc on even the most well-established companies, but it is how we respond to these challenges that defines our character and resilience. For PSM it has been a remarkable journey so far to recover from the devastating effects of flooding and emerge with a much-enhanced operating environment.

Overnight in November 2022, the stream close to the Scanjet PSM premises overflowed after exceptionally heavy rain fall, leading to widespread flooding of the nearby industrial estate. The PSM factory itself was engulfed by rapidly rising waters.  Thankfully, the level alarm fitted to the outside of the building alerted employees of the situation. They were able to enter the building and worked through the night clearing drains outside to try and help alleviate the water, whilst moving production equipment onto pallets to avoid damage and save inventory.

The damage to the infrastructure was extensive after being submerged in around 6 inches of murky water throughout the building.

Staff were initially disheartened seeing the impact of the flood on the factory and offices the following day, but quickly embraced the challenge, setting out on a journey to simultaneously maintain the day-to-day operations of the business whilst rebuilding the factory.

Restoring a factory is no small feat especially when production must continue, but all staff approached the task with determination. They immediately initiated a comprehensive assessment of the damage, involving experts in restoration works and insurance assessors to evaluate the situation and make a plan of action.

Six months into the restoration and the team can now see the end is in sight.

The offices have been relocated to the second floor to allow for an increase in production space, which now has new walls and flooring.

Rather than merely restoring the factory to its pre-flood state, we have taken the opportunity to optimise and improve our production processes. Redesigning the factory layout has streamlined workflows, optimised inventory management, and improved the working environment for all employees.

The journey is not over yet, and it will be a few more months before all production spaces are fully restored. However, we wanted to share and recognise the continued determination by everyone involved at Scanjet PSM to overcome the challenge.

We also want to thank all our customers and partners for your continued support and understanding.

We look forward to sharing the final outcome and welcoming our partners to visit our new and improved site.




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