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DTGS Digital Tank Gauging System

DTGS – Marine Tank Level Monitoring Made Easy

Designed for smaller vessels, and providing electronic measurement with a centralised display, the Digital Tank Gauging System (DTGS) is a packaged marine tank level monitoring system offering clear accuracy and functional advantages compared to mechanical and visual level gauges.

A Martine Tank Level Monitoring System That is Cost-Effective and Simple to Operate

PSM has drawn upon over forty years of global marine application experience, developing products that offer the highest possible standards in terms of performance, versatility, functionality and reliability.

The DTGS is a marine tank level monitoring system which uses PSM marine certified components for remote tank monitoring:

The DTGS offers a complete marine tank gauging system with remote display options and simple cabling. A real-time display with history logging means remote tank monitoring has never been easier.

Where required, parts are certified for installation in a hazardous area and approved by major classification societies for use in marine applications. They are suitable for fuel, lube oil, water, bilge and ballast level tanks.

The DTGS allows the benefits of electronic measurement transmitters and centralised display with alarm handling to be used for fuel and service tanks, but at a reduced cost compared to a radar based inventory systems or transmitters connected to a PLC running custom software.

Each DTGS marine tank gauging system can be configured to the application, based on the actual number, size and type of tanks to be measured, and provides a system which offers clear accuracy and functional advantages compared to mechanical and visual level gauges.

Key Features

  • Complete Tank and Draught monitoring package with centralised processing and display and output to other systems
  • Screen layout is defined for each application for maximum clarify with specific arrangements for tank level and draught
  • Multiple repeater display options
  • Low-cost installation
  • Multi-drop interconnection for simple cabling
  • Real-time display with option for data logging
  • Small space efficient design for both panel and wall mounting
  • Uses marine proven components designed to work together

For more information on our marine tank level monitoring system, please download our DTGS brochure or datasheet or please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss in more detail.


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